Up Till Now

This is going to be an “up till now” journal entry. So here’s what has happened. I went to the orthopedic oncologist, Dr. Smith. She went over my MRI scans and ruled that I do indeed have osteosarcoma. She said in order to officially make the diagnosis, she would have to do a biopsy on the tumor. So the next day, Friday after spring break, I had a biopsy done on my knee. Now that the biopsy is done, I will have to undergo chemotherapy for 10 weeks, which will get rid of any cancer elsewhere in my body and shrink the tumor on my femur. I will have to be hospitalized for at least two of the 4 or so treatments over this 10 week period. The tumor will then turn to normal hard bone. Next, Dr. Smith will perform a total knee replacement. This consists of removing the entire bottom end of my femur up to a point where there is no cancer as well the very top of my tibia where my meniscus cartilage is. She will then place a metal knee joint in the now empty area. So I will have a completely new knee. This will require some intense physical therapy and rehabilitation. After I’m recovered from surgery, I will undergo 6 months of chemotherapy. That’s the plan!

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