Saturday, Mouth Sores and Apples

Week Three is over and I am almost half way there!! Then surgery.  I should not be so excited about knee replacement surgery but when I get to that point, I will be doing the downhill run plus anything beats sitting in a hospital four days at a time while Chemo runs through your veins. But it is saving my life so I shouldn’t complain.

Because of people like Marietta, Steph, Mylinda, Shawn, and Asha, my stay is not that bad. In fact, they are becoming a lot like family. THANKS LADIES. I am also very grateful to my special blood courier, Marvin, thanks for getting up extra early every morning! Without you, I would stuck in a strange city and hospital and my family would be stuck in a hotel for four days at a time.

I made it through the OSU graduation and party last weekend. It was fun to see everyone and of course I was glad to be there for my big SIS. She ruled the school while she was there. I am also grateful that she moved us out of our apartment this weekend.  Sorry about all the BOOKS and the three flights of stairs. It didnt seem so bad when I carried them up there.  It was funny that she really thought it was all going to fit in her car..NOT. Thanks Dad for getting the rest home.

I am home for a couple of days and my mouth has several sores. But I am drinking and eating soft foods pretty well. Anything cold is good. My energy level is pretty good. I enjoyed playing APPLES TO APPLES with my family this afternoon.Its a game I recommend to all families.  Its fun and the whole family can play. We laughed.

Keep looking for an email announcing my our line store soon.  David Ballard is making this tricked out place on the web to order them.  He can really sing too. Really nice GUY!  I gotta post a pic if him. Every T shirt sold is a donation to the american cancer society too. I think thats cool.  Millions of people have to fight this everyday.

Well, I am back in the hospital Monday for three more days and then I get a week off.  We are overwhelmed by the kindness of everyone. Everyday someone does something to make this journey a little easier for me and my family. Thanks to all who are praying for me. Your prayers keep me going and going and going.

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