Tyler Merriman Love Legacy Scholarship Recipient – A Legacy Indeed

Dear Tyler,

Mitchell  (Tyler Merriman Love Legacy Scholarship Recipient) is heading to OSU and majoring in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. I remember our discussions about majors and enrollment but I always knew deep inside you didn’t need my help.You had it all figured out from day one. Like you, Mitchell has success written all over his heart. He has a love for learning, people and life that will ensure him a legacy of love. Mitchell is a great christian man. And He honors God with integrity and compassion. Of course, deep inside, I know you already know all about Mitchell. He is so much like you and we are excited to see what he does in the future.

The OSU family welcomes you Mitchell!! It is a special place that is true to winning traditions and academic excellence!! You will thrive! The engineering family is an outstanding group of beautiful people. WE ARE COWBOYS!!!

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