TTLLC – The World Knows

Dear Tyler,

The FB world now knows about the TTLLC and our dreams of helping rural cancer heroes. Please rally the angels Tyler. I am nervous but ever so sure that helping and loving people, especially people like you with cancer, is something good to come from you having to leave us too soon. I still hear you asking the doctors and nurses how they were doing before you ever asked for pain meds or into nausea meds. You were quick to give up your place so others could sit down and rest in the cramp and crowded waiting rooms. You even made me buy the night shift nurses dinner or cupcakes when I would go get yours. We spent many nights away from home and many many hours on the road together. I know it sounds crazy but I miss those late night movies in the Mercy and Houston Hospitals. May God help those battling cancer. 2012-08-11 18.51.56

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