It’s really Amazon –

Dear Tyler,

Son – you are not going to believe this?! I submitted a requested to Amazon Smile and they are partnering with us to help spread our mission and your love.  Oh what am I talking about… you believes it before I ever submitted the application.

I know how you love Amazon. In fact, the last package that you ordered arrived two days after you pasted away. I still haven’t opened it. I know its your new phone cover and your desk tray. I just can’t bring myself to open it. I know that is so silly but it was one of your final acts on this earth and once it is opened then its opened. I so remember when you searching for just the right desk tray that would fit in the bed at home. We never made it home. Did we? Although I know you did. You are home in the best sense of the word. The kingdom of God needs no desk trays. Or one day shipping.  I just wanted to tell you that Amazon is on our team and going to help us. That can only come from you and God.  I miss you everyday and I will continue to miss you until I see you at the river. But I will do good work, makes some mistakes and try not to take the world and myself  too seriously.

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