Handwriting from Heaven

Dear Tyler, a special person shared this beautiful letter you wrote to her.

It warms hearts and cheers us on!!! “God is with you wherever you go.” To see your faith written in black and white. Your handwriting cheering us on and telling us to never quit. We are never alone!

You are telling us – I see you all. I hear you all. Tyler,  you watch us and cheer us on.

So we will rise up with the dawn of each day, we will rise up in spite of the ache and we will rise up 1000 times again! That’s from a great song on Laura’s Gift of Music Spotify list but fitting for anyone going through difficult times!! Rise up! And know that you are never alone for God is with you!

Great letter and testament to where you are today! 12670442_947099045325323_6860176604280567542_nLove you to the heavens and back! Literally to heaven and back!

Miss ya – your Mom

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