To Commence – to move forward

Dear Tyler, 2015 has been a year of healing and new memories with the great people we love so much. You have made each and every step with us. In fact, I am certain that God and you have had a big hand in the fun and successes of this year. Tyler- Your presence is so strong in our lives and mission which is an appropriate statement as the new Star Wars hit theaters with a bang!! And NO we have seen yet so don’t tell me the ending!! But I will soon! Laura has even945866_931594220209139_5794983678273370687_n made us watch the other six movies again so we know what is going on! One thing is for sure, I know there are many many people using the force for good!! TTLLC continues to receive donations this week! It’s just beautiful! God is definitely navigating TTLLC in hyper-drive speed! Well, as I make the last post of 2015, my heart is full but it honestly leaks a little and I have days of sappiness. But most days we remain resolved to be happy productive good people that honor your zeal for life and love of God! So happy new year Tyler, 2016 awaits! We love and miss you daily. –

Your Silly Proud Mom

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