Looking Through the Eyes of Compassion

Dear Tyler,

Team Tyman has officially been a non-profit charity for a little over twelve months.The donations continue to pour in. We have raised an incredible $60,000 plus dollars in the first twelve months of being official. We have given $43,000 in assistance.Your legacy lives on! While we continue to help Mercy Cancer patients through Marietta and the whole cancer team, we are super excited to help and support more by collaborating with the Hospitality House in Tulsa. They are doing incredible work with rural cancer patients traveling to Tulsa for treatments.They will provide gas cards and lodging to those having to be away from home. Suite 13 is the TEAM TYMAN SUITE AND we know how much you love Tulsa (T-Town)!
Everyday, I look for you. Last night the lightening bugs were in the yard… something that is a rare sight these days so I think God was telling me you are near. There was a bird nest in the flowers on your headstone at the cemetery. You are near. St Vincent was showtime… our last movie together. You are near. And when I am wondering when I will see you again… I hear the voice of God whisper, Tyler is near. I miss you but you are never far…. I see you in everything and I know you are near.

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