# Mission: Fueling hope for those battling cancer in rural hometowns, keeping patients and their families on the road to a happier, healthier life.

About Team TyMan

Battling cancer is never easy. It’s often a long and difficult journey. Team Tyman stands ready to support our friends and family as they travel this road - literally. By providing gas gift cards to cancer patients living in rural areas. We ease the burden of paying for gas as you travel miles, often days at a time, to treatment centers. 

Cancer patients measure time in hours, months, and years. Some patients, who live in small towns and rural communities, measure something even more critical: miles.  The distance to treatment often causes patients to settle for less effective options or, worse, they delay or forego treatment altogether. 

Team Tyman firmly believes that not having money for gas should never be the reason someone gives up. Team Tyman’s gas card program helps to eliminate at least one barrier to better health. 

Can Team Tyman help?

Are you a cancer patient within a 50-mile radius of Ada, Oklahoma, and traveling more than 25 miles to a treatment center?

If the answer is yes, you may qualify for up to $250 in gas card assistance per calendar year. (Income level is not a factor.)

How to Qualify


Team Tyman partners with Mercy Cancer Center and the Chickasaw Nation Purchase Referred Care Program in Ada, Oklahoma to provide qualifying patients with assistance while in the treatment center. Please ask your care provider about the Team Tyman program.


  1. Download the Assistance Request Form here
  2. Print, complete and have treatment center personnel perform the following:
    • Verify patient participation
    • Indicate the name and location of the treatment center
  3. Submit electronically or mail all information 
    • By email: hello@teamtyman.com 
    • By mail: Team Tyman Love Legacy Corp , P. O. 816, Holdenville, OK 74848
  • Team Tyman will verify the information as quickly as possible and contact you
  • NOTE: We respect HIPAA privacy policies. Your information is treated confidential
  • Team Tyman may request permission to share a recipient patient’s story on social media or the teamtyman.com website. This is always optional on the part of the patient and patient’s family. Your privacy is respected at all times. 

Assistance Parameters

  • Currently, our geographic priority is within 50 miles of Ada, Oklahoma. As funds permit, the partnership will be expanded to other rural areas in the United States.
  • Support is always in the form of a Team Tyman gas card, never cash.  
  • Gift amounts are based on eligibility and distance traveled, with a limit of $250 per calendar year.
  • Other unique requests exceeding $250 may be considered on a case-by-case basis and must be approved by the Team Tyman Board of Directors.
  • If you are already receiving assistance through Mercy Cancer Care professionals in Ada, Oklahoma, or the Chickasaw Nation Purchased Referred Care team, additional requests through the Team Tyman website may not be granted. 

Fiscal Responsibility

Good Stewards

Team Tyman is a good steward of your generous donations. Our goal is to keep operating expenses at less than 4% of annual donations.

Board Members, Sponsors, and Donors know confidently that we take this goal seriously. 



In 2020 donors helped Team Tyman

  • Provide $30,500 in gas card assistance
  • Distribute over 1,220 individual cards 

Board of Directors

Connie Merriman, Chair
Randy Merriman, Vice-Chair and Director of Services
Luann Thomas Rinowski, Director of Finance
Connie Bryan, Director of Operations
Laura Merriman, Secretary 

Donate to Team TyMan

Your tax-deductible donation helps cancer patients face their strongest battle, as they travel far from home to receive treatment.