The NUMBERS don’t lie.


Dear Tyler,

You would appreciate the the financial review that Luann shared at the October quarterly meeting. You and your left brain would be pretty proud of the number of patients we have helped and the amazing generosity of our neighbors,followers and friends. We have raised over 85,000 dollars since May of 2015 and have given 61,000 dollars in assistance to Mercy of Ada, Chickasaw Nation Medical Center, Hospitality House of Tulsa, and Joy to the Cause plus so many individuals who request help.Of course you are watching this from where you sit and watching God guides us in the direction he would like to take your legacy. The numbers don’t lie. People are generous and cancer patients are in need.

IMG_03841.jpgYour beautiful right brain would appreciate that I received a beautiful note from Karen and Bill Anderson yesterday that describes the love that showed them in the form of endless prayers and letters.It made me so proud of the man you were in the midst of so much pain. Another cancer patient described you to a tee when we shared a gas card with her. She was also a patient at Mercy Cancer Center and remembers you and your amazing smile vividly and how the whole place changed when you walked in. Your bold presence is still in the hearts and minds of so many. Nothing can replace the place in my heart that is reserved for you but helping others sure makes each day easier.

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