Oh The Place You Will Go


Dear Tyler,

Today we reunited with our Mercy Cancer friends to share your story and the Team Tyman mission. Steve Shaw form News Nine was there. I told him about your four year journey and how strong and optimistic you were during the toughest of times. He was impressed. I also met a courageous young man named Brendan. He is fighting testicular cancer and is taking treatments daily. Of course the Marietta, Alicia, Stephanie and Mylinda take amazing care of him. They said he reminds them of Tyler so much.  Of course, everything reminds me of you. This time of year especially, when OSU is in full swing with football and classes. I miss you dearly son.  I know it doesn’t get easier but I do believe with day and each person we help… I am getting stronger and able to see some good. Actually, I go looking for it. The good in people and things that happen. That’s all there is really is GOOD.  Keep Brendan and his family at the forefront of your prayers and thanks for being a most incredible example. Watch out for your hick mom on the news and forgive me if I completely mess it up. Love and miss you dearly. MOM

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