So many lives touched in 2017


Dear Friends, 

As Team Tyman Love Legacy Corp looks to the new year, it seemed fitting to look at the amazing events of the past few years. God has allowed us to be the steward of over $55,000 in donations in 2017 and over $150,000 since our inception in May of 2015.This sets an unprecedented standard for a
young non-profit organization and shows what we can accomplish when we come together. We have successfully obtained foundation grants of $60,000 and partner matching funds of $30,000 and have helped cancer patients with almost $130,000 in gas cards as well as travel accommodations and
other travel expenses. That is 5,200 gas cards in the hands of cancer patients in treatment.These rural cancer patients and
their families are traveling over 25 miles, with some traveling up to 443 miles to receive treatment.Travel costs that are rarely reimbursed to them. Many patients would not be able to afford to travel if
not for your donation. You have helped fuel hope so they could go the distance for treatment. 

We send a heart felt thank you!

Please keep the Team Tyman mission in mind as you are planning for your year-end tax-deductible charitable contributions. 

We hope this season finds you surrounded by friends and family and wish
you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Warm regards,
Team Tyman Board of Directors

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