Team TyMan

March 22, 2011, Osteosarcoma became a part of daily vocabulary. My son could hardly utter the word on the phone that day when he found out that the pain in his right knee was in fact cancer. Only 200 cases are reported in the United States a year and attacks young males from the age of 15 to 25. It is a form of bone cancer that attacks the joints. The doctors have no known origin. The treatment plan is to attack attack with Chemo and then a limb saving knee replacement and then post surgery chemo treatments. Long term outlook is very good.

You are going along and BAM!, LIFE as you know it changes. NO college, No finals, No chemical engineering projects due. A lot of your life stops. Your life gets Derailed, HiJacked, taken hostage. Those are words that come to mind when you think your son has Cancer. But through all of those negative thoughts, GOD’s love has been magnified. In all forms of kindness and unconditional promises, people of God have come to our rescue and have magnified to us his amazing willingness triumph over all! The smallest acts of love have been engrained into our hearts and the many blessings are stacked into every nook and cranny of our days. You often hear of the GO GETTERS in life but I KNOW that its THE GO GIVERS that will inherit the kingdom of the Lord.

Please know that this website is to not promote Tyler but to help those willing to fight this disease everyday- do it without barriers. So today we celebrate GOD’s unwavering LOVE, and we carry the torch for all those who are too weak to carry their own. Thanks to all of angels and the go givers who have propped us up and pushed us forward with constant prayers. We will pay this forward as we WALK into each day of the rest of our lives.

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