So many lives touched in 2017

2017-10-02 19.19.56

Dear Friends, As Team Tyman Love Legacy Corp looks to the new year, it seemed fitting to look at the amazing events of the past few years. God has allowed us to be the steward of over $55,000 in donations in 2017 and over $150,000 since our inception in May of 2015.This sets an unprecedented standard for a young non-profit … Read More



Kalico Kitchen make big pledge to Team Tyman. For every pie sold – $3.14 cents goes to TTLLC for gas cards. Julie Kibby and her Team at Kalico Kitchen are amazing. Every small donation help cancer patients go the distance.

The NUMBERS don’t lie.


Dear Tyler, You would appreciate the the financial review that Luann shared at the October quarterly meeting. You and your left brain would be pretty proud of the number of patients we have helped and the amazing generosity of our neighbors,followers and friends. We have raised over 85,000 dollars since May of 2015 and have given 61,000 dollars in assistance … Read More



Shop for all Christmas and Holidays. TTLLC receives a percentage of everything you spend. Please help. And if you want to give the old fashion way send your tax deductible donation to TTLLC – P.O. 816- Holdenville, OK 74848. Your dollars keep people in the fight. Help Our cancer heroes GO THE DISTANCE.

Oh The Place You Will Go


Dear Tyler, Today we reunited with our Mercy Cancer friends to share your story and the Team Tyman mission. Steve Shaw form News Nine was there. I told him about your four year journey and how strong and optimistic you were during the toughest of times. He was impressed. I also met a courageous young man named Brendan. He is … Read More



Even on Friday, the week ahead for a cancer patient is long. We have had many approach TTLLC in the last two weeks requesting assistance. Our mission is spreading. People from everywhere and we are more than humbled and honored to help them and their beautiful families.  When everyone battling cancer is cured, our work will be done. But for … Read More

A Half A Million Miles Strong


This just blows our minds, but our hearts always knew. After only 16 months of TTLLC being an official non-profit charity with the sole purpose of helping our rural cancer heroes go the distance and get to treatment, we are proud to report that Team Tyman has given over 59,000 dollars in gas cards and lodging assistance to beautiful people … Read More

Looking Through the Eyes of Compassion


Dear Tyler, Team Tyman has officially been a non-profit charity for a little over twelve months.The donations continue to pour in. We have raised an incredible $60,000 plus dollars in the first twelve months of being official. We have given $43,000 in assistance.Your legacy lives on! While we continue to help Mercy Cancer patients through Marietta and the whole cancer … Read More


24th birthday! Tyler.001

Dear Tyler, An ordinary day if there ever was. Tuesday. Uncelebrated, unnoticed, unappreciated. It seems has though we float through our Tuesdays measuring only from Monday to Friday. Comparing the weekend against the work week. We have really little concept of time do we? Time moves slower than it used to and yet passes quickly.  That being said, I do … Read More

Love comes around


Dear Tyler, The First United Team gave the gift of love last Friday. The cookout raised a lot of funds for gas cards.  It was so good to see everyone but made me miss you and your presence! I wish I could hear your thoughts about all of this. I know you would love the excitement of doing good and … Read More