An Irregular Heartbeart


Dear Tyler, Some say the pain of losing a child never goes away. I would agree for the most part. There is a difference in the way a grieving parent’s heart beats, the way we process life events, the way we anticipate. It’s all a little slower and much more deliberate.  Our heart beats slow and unsteady, never really racing with excitement. At night when all … Read More

To Relish in the Ordinary

Nothing is ordinary when you have lost a loved one. The simplest things take your breath. Smells flood and feelings come rushing in. The smallest of memories bring your to your knees. Nothing is simple but the simple things are never taken for granted ever again. Love you Tyman.

Birthday, then Rebirthday

Dear Tyler, Your Birthday is coming soon. We will raise a glass and toast the earthy and godly man that you were here and the man that now is watching from the great high. You already know how our favorite show will end and what will happen to Mike. For your birthday, we will have dinner and will imagine your … Read More

Front page news

Dear Tyler Front page news- my goodness. Oh wait … not my goodness. It’s God’s goodness. No mistake about it.

30,000 dollars – THANK YOU JESUS

Dear Tyler, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?  Duh, of course you can. TTLLC received 30,000 DOLLARS WORTH OF HOPE – We received a tremendously generous gift today from an amazing group of believers. The Valley View Health and Wellness Foundation(VVHWF) of Ada, Ok believes in enriching and improving the health and wellness of those living in rural areas, specifically those in Ada … Read More

To Commence – to move forward


Dear Tyler, 2015 has been a year of healing and new memories with the great people we love so much. You have made each and every step with us. In fact, I am certain that God and you have had a big hand in the fun and successes of this year. Tyler- Your presence is so strong in our lives … Read More

World Cancer Day

God help heal and wrap families with a love and peace that can only come from you.

Handwriting from Heaven


Dear Tyler, a special person shared this beautiful letter you wrote to her. It warms hearts and cheers us on!!! “God is with you wherever you go.” To see your faith written in black and white. Your handwriting cheering us on and telling us to never quit. We are never alone! You are telling us – I see you all. … Read More

You are there – everywhere


Dear Tyler,  We did it together! I stopped by the Mercy Cancer Center to spread a little Tyman Love!!! And dropped off another $5,000 TTLLC Donation to help our favorite Cancer Fighting Crusaders travel for treatment!!! We are fueling hope thanks to you all!!! That totals $10,000 from TTLLC prayer warriors!! With a Match from the Mercy Foundation that makes … Read More

It’s really Amazon –


Dear Tyler, Son – you are not going to believe this?! I submitted a requested to Amazon Smile and they are partnering with us to help spread our mission and your love.  Oh what am I talking about… you believes it before I ever submitted the application. I know how you love Amazon. In fact, the last package that you … Read More