Handwriting from Heaven

Dear Tyler, a special person shared this beautiful letter you wrote to her. It warms hearts and cheers us on!!! “God is with you wherever you go.” To see your faith written in black and white. Your handwriting cheering us on and telling us to never quit. We are never alone! You are telling us – I see you all. … Read More

You are there – everywhere

Dear Tyler,  We did it together! I stopped by the Mercy Cancer Center to spread a little Tyman Love!!! And dropped off another $5,000 TTLLC Donation to help our favorite Cancer Fighting Crusaders travel for treatment!!! We are fueling hope thanks to you all!!! That totals $10,000 from TTLLC prayer warriors!! With a Match from the Mercy Foundation that makes … Read More

It’s really Amazon –

Dear Tyler, Son – you are not going to believe this?! I submitted a requested to Amazon Smile and they are partnering with us to help spread our mission and your love.  Oh what am I talking about… you believes it before I ever submitted the application. I know how you love Amazon. In fact, the last package that you … Read More

$5000 Dollars worth of love and support

Dear Tyler- We reunited with your Ada Mercy Cancer Clinic Angels to give the first Team Tyman Gift of Love, prayer and support. I couldn’t help but be emotional because on this visit, I was not with you. This was the first time we didn’t sign in and take our place in the treatment area. So many memories with these … Read More

TTLLC – The World Knows

Dear Tyler, The FB world now knows about the TTLLC and our dreams of helping rural cancer heroes. Please rally the angels Tyler. I am nervous but ever so sure that helping and loving people, especially people like you with cancer, is something good to come from you having to leave us too soon. I still hear you asking the … Read More

Peace and Happiness

Dear Tyler- Today is a good day.  I envision you happy where you are. Still laughing and content. I also envision you helping people. Cheering others on. Celebrating victories. Encouraging those in defeat. When you were lost in the places cancer took you, you looked to your left and right and saw the good in people. Look real hard. It’s … Read More

Love Legacy

Dear Tyler, I often wonder how you would feel about the Love Legacy Corporation name. You were always so aware of others fighting cancer. Patients in the waiting rooms, hospital hallways and even in airports.  You were compassionate and caring in ways that I can’t describe. Always looking through the eyes of love instead of judgment. I will work to … Read More

RURAL AMERICA – Love comes in Abundance

Dear Tyler, For the first time in 7 1/2 months, I am going to have to buy toilet paper. Can you believe it? We had a stockpile of love and paper goods!!! Now the toilet paper may have run out but the love of good people never ends. Never under estimate the small gestures you do for others during tough … Read More

The Elevator – I miss the ups and Downs

Dear Tyler, Reading the four or five post from 2011 makes me wish we had told you more just how much we love you. It was always amazing how you could twist the worst news into something positive. After the doctors appointments, when we would find out something “NOT SO GREAT” about the cancer, we would get on the elevator, … Read More

GERONIMO – A Leap of Faith

Dear Tyler, Each night, I wake up in disbelief. You are never going to drive down our long driveway again, laugh at your favorite movies like Madea Goes to Jail, post a foodie photo on instagram and try out a new recipe in my kitchen. But you are still going to change the world. Virgil said, No day shall erase … Read More