Tyler’s Handwriting – Small but big deal

This came in the mail yesterday . To see Tyler’s handwriting again is an amazing gift. Tyler was planning on being here. He believed in miracles. Optimism! He is still taking care of Barney. Time to get vaccinated!!!

Tyler Merriman Love Legacy Scholarship Recipient – A Legacy Indeed

Dear Tyler, Mitchell  (Tyler Merriman Love Legacy Scholarship Recipient) is heading to OSU and majoring in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. I remember our discussions about majors and enrollment but I always knew deep inside you didn’t need my help.You had it all figured out from day one. Like you, Mitchell has success written all over his heart. He has a … Read More


CANCER is a lesson of endurance, faith, and patience.  It reveals all emotions. Some that you have never experienced.  …say it, and don’t be afraid to just be sad. Somedays happiness just doesn’t choose me.  TRY becomes a very big word. Being surrounded by christian compassionate people who listen, pray, teach, and build you up is the key to surviving … Read More

Team TyMan

March 22, 2011, Osteosarcoma became a part of daily vocabulary. My son could hardly utter the word on the phone that day when he found out that the pain in his right knee was in fact cancer. Only 200 cases are reported in the United States a year and attacks young males from the age of 15 to 25. It … Read More

Saturday, Mouth Sores and Apples

Week Three is over and I am almost half way there!! Then surgery.  I should not be so excited about knee replacement surgery but when I get to that point, I will be doing the downhill run plus anything beats sitting in a hospital four days at a time while Chemo runs through your veins. But it is saving my … Read More

Double Whammy

Hello people, I can’t believe I have so many people. Smart people, strong people, funny people, compassionate people and most of all PRAYER people. Because of you all I feel just pretty good after the second round of chemo and I am going to OSU to laura’s graduation. Yes, Laura you get a beautiful sunny day and Me for graduation!! … Read More

OSU Visit

It’s been a good day – and a good week. Getting strong and swigging protein drinks like they are candy!! Visited OSU and got caught up on what’s going on in orange country. Lots of homework, projects, and finals!! My kind of fun!! I went to buffalo wild wings today and ate my hot and spicy wings and moms too. … Read More

First Leg

MONDAY IS LOOKING GOOD. We completed our first round a 3 day inpatient Chemo. Since all Good things come in threes, I have listed the top three things that I am most thankful for today. First of all. Tyler has NO PAIN!! The swelling in his knee is going down and he is finally getting some relief. He is moving … Read More

Ready for Chemo

Hey everyone. I’m doing pretty good this far. A lot has happened in the last few days. I will be starting chemotherapy this Monday at Valley View Hospital in Ada. I will be in the hospital for about 3 or 4 days. Then I’ll have a few days off at home before going back to the hospital for another round. … Read More

Up Till Now

This is going to be an “up till now” journal entry. So here’s what has happened. I went to the orthopedic oncologist, Dr. Smith. She went over my MRI scans and ruled that I do indeed have osteosarcoma. She said in order to officially make the diagnosis, she would have to do a biopsy on the tumor. So the next … Read More